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Aqua Spa

Rejuvenation begins when you start to emancipate the mind and unwind in the lap of scenic beauty at Aqua Spa, the Best Spa in Phuket. Feel the stress melt away as Phuket’s soft breeze caresses your body, joining forces with the healing hands of our expert massage and beauty therapists. Our spas are designed to transcend you into a state of bliss with a relaxing ambiance. Let your body and mind be healed, unperturbed and relieved from stress with an array of treatments while at Aqua Spa In Phuket.

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    Spa Promotions

    Experience the perfect combination of tranquility and luxury at Aqua Spa.  Enjoy your treatment in a serene heavenly setting while resting assured that you have found the most amazing offers of any Spa in Phuket. Explore and...

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  • body-massage-treatments

    Body Massage Treatments

    Dim lights, soft music, calmness is a paradise while a full body massage stimulates our nervous system.  During a massage session, endorphins are released which makes us feel happy and calm. Our body needs massage to renew...

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  • body-scrub-treatments

    Body Scrub Treatments

    Our body needs equal care as our face and neck as the skin cells on our the body shed for new and healthier skin regularly. As we get older, the overall the process gets slower; and to give it a nudge, we need to treat...

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  • body-wrap-treatment

    Body Wrap Treatment

    A body wrap treatment is a heavenly way to keep yourself off stress, daily worries and to restore the spirit and replenish the body. Nourishing oils, detoxifying clays, exfoliation rituals and herbal aromatherapy fusions are...

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  • facial-treatments

    Facial Treatments

    We are always under stress in the lifestyle we are currently in considering the rise in the AQI and stressful lifestyle. These external factors are very harsh and damage the skin on our face, which over a period gets visible on...

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  • ayurvedic-massage

    Ayurvedic Massage

    Have you ever wondered how an Ayurvedic Massage is different from a regular massage! This massage is extremely relaxing; nourish the tissues, cells and energy channels that balances the mind, body and spirit.  Detox yourself...

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  • foot-head-massage

    Foot & Head Massage

    Who does not want to be pampered in a spa where the masseuse applies pressure on the specific reflex points on the foot! Whether a foot rub at home or a treatment from an expert, a foot massage is surely a worth taking massage...

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